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Sad Anniversary…

On April 10th 2010, the Polish military plane, Tu-154, was involved in a fatal crash in the city of Smolensk, Russia. All the crew and passengers aboard were killed – 96 total. The deaths included the Polish President and First Lady, the last Polish President in exile, the Chief of the General Staff, Commanders-in-Chief, the Chairman of the Polish National Bank, the President of the Institute of National Remembrance, as well as a number of MP’s, senators and other prominent people. One could say that someone put on that plane all the important personnel of the Polish government at that time only to send them to their death… After 6 years the wreck of the plane is still in Russian hands and there are still many strange and unresolved facts.

Today we remember the victims of that plane crash and we pray for all the families who lost their loved ones! We wants to reflect and try to understand what really happened on that day in April 2010 in Smolensk, Russia?

Warsaw April 10th 2016

April 10th 2016

Live Feed from International Space Station (ISS)
Enjoy a view of our planet from about 480 km above at a speed of 28K /h …

April 9th 2016

The Polish-Arabian horse stables.
Poland has a very long and rich tradition of breeding Arabian horses. The beauty and grace of these animals is well known all over the globe.
There are 3 major stables in Poland located in: Janow Podlaski, Michalow, and Bialka. Every year the super rich gather there to look and purchase these animals which are later used to breed a new generation of horse champions. This is done for both pleasure and business. For example, last year a horse from Janow Podlaski called “Pepita” has reached a price of over 1.4 million euros!
Sadly, in the last few months there has been a major change in Janow Podlaski which ended up in the loss of a few of these precious horses.
This situation has never happened before on such a scale and it puts the future of this Polish tradition in question. Here is video from the last year show in Janow Podlaski called “Pride of Poland”. I hope that you will enjoy looking on these gorgeous animals. Hopefully things will change and the future of these horses is safe!


April 3rd 2016

Jerusalem – a walk in the Old City.
This is one of the most beautiful short tours of this spectacular city you can find.
-Salam – Shalom!
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March 26th 2016

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